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Ampli-Firebox is the world’s first tube amp modeling and cabinet impulse response IR loader in a compact stomp-box

Access nine presets instantly using toggle switches – each with their own selectable amp model, custom uploadable cabinet impulse response, and effects settings.

Channel switching mode lets you toggle between any two custom presets instantly on the fly via footswitch.

Gain and Master control knobs adjust the preamp gain and power amp drive settings just like a physical tube amp.

Bass, mids, and treble controls authentically reproduce the tones and (sometimes quirkly) interactions as their physical tube amp counterparts.

Presence knob mimics the same brightness control as the feedback circuits found in tube power amps.

Overdrive modeler simulates overdrives, fuzz, and clean boost effects.

Built in effects including overdrive, delay, reverb, compressor, EQ and gate

Dual simultaneous outputs: XLR direct and ¼” outputs.  Choose cabinet modeling on XLR only, ¼” only or both to fit your stage or recording hookup needs.

USB connectivity allows deep editing, backup/restore of your presets, footswitch customization, and importing AmpliFire / AmpliFire12 presets via the free Ampli-Firebox Editor software available for Windows and Mac OSX.

And, of course, the world renown and patented tube amplifier modeling brought to you by Studio Devil Virtual Tube Amp Technology.

Transform your pedal board into a direct/recording solution.

Leave the amp at home and go direct with Ampli-Firebox!

Preset compatible with AmpliFIRE line of products

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