Jetcity Jetdirect DI Box

$ 1,158.84



Low profile DI in a tough steel chassis.

Always wanted a line out for your guitar amplifier but didnt want to pay for an expensive mod? The JetDirect is your answer. Put this inconspicuous little œblack box between your head and cabinet and voila! Thanks to Doug Robertss emulation circuitry, the XLR line output actually sounds like a micd speaker. Eliminate stage mics all together, making the sound-mans job a little easier or use the line signal as an additional layer for your œwall of sound.

(1) ¼ Speaker-Level Input “ For connecting the speaker output of your amplifier
(1) ¼ Speaker Level Output “ For connecting to the input of your speaker cabinet
(1) XLR Line-Level (Speaker-Emulated) Output “ For connecting to a mixing board or recording device
Cold-Rolled Steel Chassis “ Strength and durability for the gigging pro


Input resistance: 30K?.
Output impedance: 600?.
Isolation: < 50pF.
Pass Band Attenuation: -28dB.
Maximum output level (over-drive protection): 1.2 dBm.

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